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I am in the process of migrating content from a previous site. Please be patient as I upload my many testimonials. In the meantime, I am happy to provide references from employers, consulting clients and partners, and academic institutions. 


President’s Award for Excellence, The Asia Foundation, 2007

Dean’s Commendation for Excellence, University of Washington, 2002

Student Leadership Recognition, Evans School of Public Affairs, 2002

Certificate of Dedication, University of Washington Medical Center, 1999

Certificate of Appreciation, CARE International, 1997

Master Letter of Commendation, University of Singapore Kent Ridge Hall, 1992

Merit Award, University of Singapore Eusoff Hall, 1990


"San came into Serbia and worked with the Serbia Media Assistance Program to help us review the strategic position of a long term partner.  She quickly analyzed the situation and helped us get a clearer picture of some of the issues that we did not have a good handle on and as importantly, helped us see things that we already knew if a new light.  I have been working with this partner since 1997 but she presented her findings in easy to grasp charts and graphics that better prepares IREX to help this partner move ahead into a changing political, economic and technical environment."

Rich McClear, CoP

IREX /Serbia Media Assistance Program


January 2010