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Globalization is creating new vocation-models that I embrace with passion , and I see my vocational life as a series of entrepreneurial 'Me' projects, including the times when I was an employee. 

Perhaps because I believe in individual empowerment and the dignity of each human life (read my vision and mission here), I think I am a great hire because I am highly motivated to perform well, for myself. My awards and testimonials are indicative of my professional performance. In addition to managing organizations or projects, I love consulting, teaching, and speaking, so I offer services in these three areas. 


Areas of Specialty

Technical Experience: Rule of Law; Law and Governance; Law and Justice; Legal and Judicial Reform; Access to Justice; Legal Empowerment of the Poor; MicroJustice; International Law; eLaw; eGovernance; Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D); Information Technology (IT). 

Functional Experience: NGO Leadership and Management; Program and Project Management- Assessments, Research, Fundraising, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation; Consulting and Advising; Training and Capacity Building; University and Higher Education Teaching.

Traditional services

  • Situational/Needs/Feasibility Analysis
  • Developing strategic objectives and results frameworks 
  • Proposal Development (for various audiences including Bilateral, Corporate and Individual Donors)
  • Program Implementation and management (including analysis and troubleshooting)
  • Program and Performance Monitoring
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Report writing
  • Research (literature, quantitative and qualitative)
  • Strategic planning and design
  • Partnership development and support for stakeholder participation,  information sharing and coordination 

ICT-related services

  • Technology planning
  • Designing/evaluating RFPs
  • Analysis of Requirements for ICT projects
  • Technology project implementation
  • Process design and business development
  • Content strategy
  • Data management, market information, and publishing
  • Marketing and outreach using ICTs
  • Web and new media development 
  • Software/product development
  • Training/curriculum development and presentation
  • Capacity building & partnering

Training and Teaching 

  • Introduction to International Development
  • International Development and Law
  • Rule of Law and Good Governance
  • ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  • International Law
  • Organizational Management
  • NGO Project Management
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • eGovernance
  • Technology for Access to Justice
  • Technology and Development (ICT4D)


I am available to train and speak engagingly on a wide variety of topics. See my list of past speaking and training engagements.


I am in the process of migrating content from a previous site. Please be patient as I upload my many testimonials. In the meantime, I am happy to provide references from employers, consulting clients and partners, and academic institutions.


President’s Award for Excellence, The Asia Foundation, 2007

Dean’s Commendation for Excellence, University of Washington, 2002

Student Leadership Recognition, Evans School of Public Affairs, 2002

Certificate of Dedication, University of Washington Medical Center, 1999

Certificate of Appreciation, CARE International, 1997

Master Letter of Commendation, University of Singapore Kent Ridge Hall, 1992

Merit Award, University of Singapore Eusoff Hall, 1990


"San is one of the most creative, intelligent, and talented colleagues with whom I have worked. We have worked together in many contexts including the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Policy, World Vision, and at a technology conference in California where we did a joint presentation. She is an outstanding thinker and strategist, completely dedicated to humanitarian causes and related policy issues"

John Reid
Former Vice President of Strategy, World Vision

"San came into Serbia and worked with the Serbia Media Assistance Program to help us review the strategic position of a long term partner. She quickly analyzed the situation and helped us get a clearer picture of some of the issues that we did not have a good handle on and as importantly, helped us see things that we already knew if a new light. I have been working with this partner since 1997 but she presented her findings in easy to grasp charts and graphics that better prepares IREX to help this partner move ahead into a changing political, economic and technical environment."

Rich McClear, CoP
IREX /Serbia Media Assistance Program
January 2011

"San is an international person in all her works. She has worked with us and in partnership to see that the child of Uganda is helped in the area of Education, She is linking us to other people who can help in the area of Orphanage. I strongly recommend her for any contact for her good profile and good working relationship with me."

Mathias Mukasa
Chairperson of Southern Region at UNATU

Legal Needs Assessment in Rwanda about 
cross-border issues  in Rwanda 

Previous Clients and Partners

Office of Administrative Affairs, Afghanistan
Chief of Staff Office, Afghanistan

NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Support to ICT Task Force (SICT), Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh

National Information Technology Center (NITC), Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal

Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA), Government of Mongolia

ANEM (Association of Independent Electronic Media), Serbia

Attorney's General Office, Government of Mongolia

Open Government Website, Prime Minister's Office, Government of Mongolia

Local Government for Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines

Strategic planning  for ANEM- interview 
with board member (Serbia, 2011)

Training for  Microjustice staff 
(Kenya, 2011)

Facilitator at eGovernance Conference 
(Singapore 2008)

With Richard Orkut, Executive Director of 
(LASPNET)  (Uganda, 2011)