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Muhammad Yousuf Siddiqui - Offshore Consultant, TimeSvr Pte Ltd

I have been working with TimeSvr Pte Ltd since 2008. I did my MBA in
Finance from Bahria University, Pakistan and currently enrolled in a Junior
Associateship with the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP).

I believe I am a person who is an amalgamation of competence and zeal. My
aim is to work with high dedication which would result in helping the
organization flourish and grow. Even in stressful environments, I can keep
pace with the growing challenges of the world. I dislike those people who
give a fake coloring to certain incidents in their personal and professional
life. I want to prove myself as a leader and pace setter in the world of
finance. In my free time I enjoy reading Finance related articles which keep
me updated about Financial Markets. I am fond of investing in Capital

Here are some of the reports I've written:

Efficient Market Hypothesis and Pakistan’s Capital Market,

Interest Rate Swap,

Hedge Funds,

Capital Market,

Mutual Funds,

Asset Securitization,

Role of Investment Banking in Economy.