About San

Hi! I am San Ng (pronounced "sahn ing"), a practitioner and academic with more than 15 years of experience in the cross-cutting areas of international development, law and ICT (information and communications technology). I am recognizing that my skills at integrating and translating between these worlds to be very valuable. I hold a Law Degree (LL.B), a Masters in Laws (LL.M) in Development Law and an M.P.A with a focus on NGO management and technology. 

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Areas of Specialty

Technical Experience: Rule of Law; Law and Governance; Law and Justice; Legal and Judicial Reform; Access to Justice; Legal Empowerment of the Poor; MicroJustice; International Law; eLaw; eGovernance; Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D); Information Technology (IT). 

Functional Experience: NGO Leadership and Management; Program and Project Management- Assessments, Research, Fundraising, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation; Consulting and Advising; Training and Capacity Building; University and Higher Education Teaching.

Quick Facts
  • More than 15 years of field and academic experience in Rule of Law and Access to Justice, with a comparative advantage in using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to promote impact.
  • Law degree (LL.B), Masters in Law (LL.M) and Masters in Public Administration (MPA).
  • Multi-disciplinary technical knowledge of Rule of Law, with a focus in governance and access to justice, and Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)
  • Skilled and experienced in all aspects of management, including program management of complex bi-lateral donor-funded projects and executive management of international NGOs.
  • Consulting, training, capacity building and higher education teaching experience with diverse audiences including governments, NGOs, local CSOs and university students.
  • Wide geographical expertise (Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe)
  • Seasoned speaker, published author and recipient of numerous awards.
  • Strong language skills in native English, with multiple language proficiency.

My Vision

This is a world of absolute happiness and social justice, where people live with hope, dignity and abundance, realizing their highest potential as human beings.

My Mission

is to contribute my unique knowledge, skills and talents, as part of a global community dedicated to ending suffering and poverty, where I am trusted for my being and respected for my commitment to the dignity of each person. Guided by the aspirations of the local communities I serve, I pursue my mission with authenticity, kindness and a dose of humor.

Geographical Experience

Consulting/Programmatic Visits: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Serbia, East Timor, Kenya, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Singapore, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, in addition to countries below.

Long Term (3 months - 4 years): China, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Rwanda, Thailand, Uganda, USA.


English, Native. Chinese, Fluent.  Thai and Bahasa Indonesian, Basic.


San Ng (pronounced "sahn ing", LL.B, LL.M, MPA) has over 15 years of field and academic experience in international development, law and information and communications technology (ICT). She is currently a lecturer at UC Berkeley, where she teaches and researches relevant technology for access to justice. She is also the Founder and Lead Consultant of BarefootLawyers International, a global social enterprise affiliated with the University of California Berkeley, which mission is dedicated to innovative solutions for the legal empowerment for all.

Many years ago, after passing the Bar at the top 15% of her class and a few solid years of law practice, she began her international development career in the field with CARE International, naturally focusing on law-related programs. She has since accumulated vast experience within the law and development field- including legal empowerment, rule of law and governance. She has managed both top-down Rule of Law reform projects as well as grassroots, bottom-up Access To Justice projects.

As an addition to her law and development expertise, she also gradually become an expert in ICT through developing appropriate information technology solutions for projects, to enhance project impact. Being well-versed in ICT-for-Development (ICT4D) issues, she has acted as an adviser to several governments on
 technology for poverty alleviation, eGovernance and national ICT policy and law. She has also designed and developed relevant technology solutions for NGO projects to enhance program impact. 

She is knowledgeable and experienced with all aspects of international development programming- from situational analysis, proposal development, project implementation, to monitoring and evaluation. At a confluence of her experience in international development, law and technology, Ms Ng is able to communicate effectively with and between NGOs, national and local governments, donors, academia and technology providers. Ms. Ng has substantive field experience living and working in multiple countries.

Formerly, she was the Director of Law, Governance and Civil Society (ICT) at The Asia Foundation, an operational NGO with an annual budget of USD$100m. Ms. Ng supported the Law, Governance and Civil Society program and led the ICT program, which aims to provide new, innovative and appropriate solutions to address longstanding problems in poverty alleviation. Ms. Ng oversaw more than 30 ICT programs in 14 countries in Asia, and grew the program from US$0.5 million to US$9 million. 

Before joining The Asia Foundation, Ms. Ng was the Director of Programs and Strategy at International Medical Corps (IMC), a global human rights and humanitarian NGO with an annual budget of USD$60m. Ms. Ng previously worked for CARE International in Thailand, China, Kosovo and Seattle in various law and technology capacities. Born and raised in Singapore, Ms. Ng practiced as a court attorney before becoming extensively involved in international development, law and ICT. She holds a LL.M and a M.P.A from the University of Washington; and a LL.B (a J.D equivalent) from the National University of Singapore. She is fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese, and speaks basic Thai and Indonesian.

More Information

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Previous Experience in Employment, Consulting, Teaching and Speaking 

(with Awards and Testimonials)

Services I offer- Consulting, Teaching, Speaking 

Field assessing for eGovernance project
(Kabul, Afghanistan 2007)

Partnership with Uganda Ministry of Land for land registration  project  (Kampala, Uganda 2011)

Panel Discusson of elaw and  eGovernance 
(New Delhi, India 2006)

Opening ceremony of Refugee Women 
Legal Aid and Health Clinic
(Madura Indonesia 2002
Advising the Office of Adminstrative 
(OAA), Afghanistan on legal and ICT issues 
(Kabul, Afghnistan 2005)

Food distribution with human rights 
documentation work (Kosovo, 1999) 

Partnership ceremony with Local Government (Gobi, Mongolia 2007)

Conducting a focus group for women 'small traders'
(Kabale, Uganda, 2012

With an Asia Foundation staff at our 'SuperChat',
a national level Prime Minister Dialog through ICT, 
(Ulan Bataar, Mongolia 2006)